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PEX-01 Upgrade
Balteau NDT has recently launched a UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE exposure time calculator:
the PEX-01
In everyday exposures, it is needed to obtain accurate calculation of time when using isotopes or X-ray equipment.Our revolutionary Pocket Exposure Assistant is the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to
EASE operator′s everyday work by helping him to avoid mistakes and SAVE some valuable TIME when going through the Radiographic exposure and film processing.

All the parameters needed for an exposure are listed for you in this small and handy tool. You just have to navigate through the menus, make your selection and ask for exposure time calculation. 1 minute is enough to set the parameters, get the expected answer and be ready to start the built in timer. Costs due to retake caused by calculation mistakes are then reduced or even eliminated.

The PEX-01 is constantly evolving to fit operator′s expectations and market reality. Balteau NDT provides you with updated parameters for exposure time calculation as evolution in films, isotopes etc is rapid and needs frequent adaptations.
Upgrades are frequently made such as casing adaptations and new possibilities to:
- Choose among the different types of film commonly use in NDT.
- Access exposure curves for X-ray equipment no matter the brand.

This tool is for X-ray equipment and gamma as well. A gamma source management feature has been included indicating at any time the strength of the gamma sources identified in GBq or Ci according to their decay curve.

Additional features for unit conversion and timers are also available.

Soon you′ll also be able to use your PEX-01 in COMPUTED RADIOGRAPHY
Balteau NDT wants to provide you with a unit that fits your actual and future needs. We also want to help operators using the emerging process of Computed radiography by making their everyday work as easy as it is for traditional exposure.

The PEX-01 is manufactured by BALTEAU NDT and available through our distribution network. For more information about this product please contact us at sales@balteau-ndt.com or your closes Balteau NDT representative.

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